Workshop with Trevor Dayley and Afternoon Shoot

This past weekend was a fun-filled one all around, but Saturday's workshop with Trevor Dayley Photography was the icing on the cake. I first came across his website about a year ago and was blown away by his images. His style is out of this world rockin'... very creative, and artistic even. Not to mention, he is so down to earth! I love it!! Well, the opportunity arose where he had an Intermediate to Advanced Photography Workshop in the valley... and even though it was close to a 4 hour drive from where we live, I knew it would be totally worth it!

With his busy schedule of booked weddings, he did this 13 hour workshop that by the way, did not even seem close to that time frame whatsoever! He shared so much awesome information of tips and tricks, it was the confidence boost I needed to take my business to the next level gearing more towards wedding photography in the near future. I am so excited to put a lot of what I've learned to use and dig down deep into my creativity banks. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn more about awesome lighting techniques and needing that boost for their wedding photography business!

Well, towards the end of the day we ended with a shoot of this adorable couple that you'll see in the images below... it was definitely a fun, and memorable day meeting Trevor and the other wonderful photographers in the workshop group. I will treasure the amazing tips and inspiration from this point on, indeed! <3



When Trevor used this quote I couldn't help but relate way too much with it, as I'm sure many, many other photographers do or have done in their life. Several of the tips he mentioned to alleviate and utilize time wisely, I have now implemented and it has made a huge difference in my 'photo editing' so far. I love it!!  Well, below are a few "Behind the Scene" photos of some awesome photographers I met from throughout the day...

starting with Trevor Dayley [below]

Great Day In Deed! =)


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