This is something that has been asked of me many times over the years, and although I feel honored, I'm still a little reluctant. My first original thought, would be no way!  And my reason being, all photographers have different styles in what they capture and how they edit. And as a photographer, any photo we take, represents our business... it's in a sense like our own business card. Because the final product ultimately represents our own individual work.

In addition, each photographer owns the copyright of that image. And in no way, do I want to infringe upon that!  So what's the verdict?

Well, there are, however, some instances I've had to reconsider my answer.  For example, when a photographer gives their complete copyright to the client, and then this other case, when the photographer sadly got ill and gave the raw photos to the client and closed up shop.  Another example, is when a family member had passed away prior to their photo shoot, and the spouse requested to add her husband into several of their photographs for memories.  These are just a few factors in which I've come across.

So now, ask yourself the following questions:

1.)   Who owns the copyright to the photographs you want edited?
2.)   How many photographs do you want edited?  Is it just enough photos for a 20 page photo album? Or an entire photo shoot done from the other photographer? Or perhaps it's a handful of wedding images you need edited?
3.)   Is this editing request only to restore old
or torn photographs?
4.)   Do you need black and white, or color add-ons in your edits?
5.)   Are your edit requests to simply brighten the raw images or are you expecting removal of objects and/or Photoshop additions of people into your photographs?

In the event we can move forward and approve the image editing, see Fee Schedule below. Thank you. 

Keep in mind, each photo image can take 5-10 minutes, while others can take as much as 30 minutes or more (depending on the quality of the original image).   So fees include downloading, editing, converting raw images into JPEG, then uploading back to sender.

Per Image Fee  (up to 10 photos) 
*Includes general raw edits and color enhancements, restoring old photos and b/w with color splashes
$3.00 Each Photo Image
Removal of objects and/or adding a person to an image. Additional $7.00 Each Photo
Editing up to 30 photo images
(to fill a 20 pg. album) *album not included
$75 flat rate
Editing over 31 photo images are charged by the hourly rate $125 / hour
Still have questions?  Contact Sani HERE