Rachel | Portrait Shoot

Indoor Shoot | Phoenix, AZ

Meet Rachel... better known as my beautiful mother.
In this photo to the right, pretty much explains it all: "Look what the Lord has done". Because when God steps in, you can't help but soak in all the goodness he provides!
Alright, for a quick summary, if you're linked with my FB page, you may have seen where my mom has been in and out of the hospitals for quite some time now.  She's had to deal with many health issues with over the years including Stage 4 Cancer, to the breathing issues she's still dealing with from the after effect from Covid Pneumonia. Because of this, you would understand why she hasn't wanted any photos taken of her in a while.
However, if you could see the turnaround we've seen in just these last 3 weeks upon leaving the hospital, you'll know God has really stepped in (again).  She was in pretty bad shape, mentally and physically. During her 2 week stay in the hospital, she had lost her hearing, wasn't very coherent, and could barely even stand anymore from her weakness.
But while many of us kept her in prayer, God stepped in! Even though, she's not up 100%, she was well enough for an indoor photo shoot yesterday and the beauty of the Lord was all around her.

By the way, her hearing is back, and I LOVED how peppy and happy she looked. Everyday is truly a gift. I love my beautiful Mom, and can't help but say, Thank you Jesus!
Here's a little glimpse into her shoot... I loved them all, it was hard to select these few for public sharing. ❤


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