Wedding Event | Mr. & Mrs. Urrutic

Congratulations to
Mr. & Mrs. Urrutic!!

Gabriella & Sean tied the knot on Friday, May 14, 2021
at The Pentecostals of Phoenix and we couldn't be happier for them both! 


They met 6 years ago while they were both in very different parts of their lives. It wasn't until years later that they reconnected, with no intentions of starting a relationship. But in their love story, they began to spend a lot of time together... which over time, they realized that they couldn't deny the way they felt about each other. After much prayer, they decided to pursue a relationship while living states apart. And there wasn't anything that was going to hinder this relationship, even if it had to be a long distance one. So, for the last 3 years, they've spent only a third of that time in person, but they both knew that when Sean received his degree and finished school, they didn't want to be apart anymore. So this brings us to Friday afternoon on May 14th, 2021, where these two started their new chapter as husband and wife.

Here's a handful of photos from their photo gallery for a glimpse into their Friday afternoon wedding. After the reception, we continued their bridal formals at one of their favorite locations at Papago Park, hole in the rock.


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