Noah | 2021 Senior Session


CLASS of 2021

My session with Noah was so much fun!  And with April being Autism Awareness Month, it was a perfect time for His Senior Session!

I am SO happy for him and his great accomplishment!
He attends Pieceful Solutions Charter School for Autism and his favorite school subjects are Art and Choir.  His favorite song is "Tomorrow"... I would have loved to have heard him sing it! But we instead jammed out to his other favorite song "You are not alone" by Michael Jackson. He's not one to look towards the camera much, but with a game I played with him during our shoot, I'm pretty happy with how often he did look my way.

Before the sun set, we started his session in his room where he was most comfortable. They call him "Zombie boy" at school, and in the sneak peek of photos below you'll see why!
He loves everything about Zombies, the Simpson's, Tom and Jerry, and of course video games. Which, by the way, at the end of our session, he was ready to get right back to a game.

His Mom shared he was a picky eater, but likes coconut water, tamales and hot dogs! Yum! I mean, who wouldn't!! He Loves cats, and says his cat "TommyGirl" is his therapy cat.  And oh my goodness, she's a beautiful kitty!!

He loves trains and tracks, enjoys scoping out tagging and graffiti art and will be turning 21 on July 1st!  The photos below will give you a glimpse into our shoot.



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Thank you SMH Photography(non-registered)
I love how you made my son Noah with Autism feel comfortable enough to look at the camera and actually smile!!!! Can't wait for you to do my engagement and wedding photos! XO
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