Small Group | Photography Class Workshop


I'm so excited to give my first photography Workshop today!

I have 14 students that signed up!
And first and foremost want to give a big thank you to POP for the opportunity!
I have a full class and I'm ready to share with this wonderful group of photographers
how to think like a camera and get out of Auto mode... So after lunch, it's game time!
#smallgroup #Photography101

I am so proud of these photographers that are ready to change their game and take photography to another level! We had such a great group, I'm excited for them to start trying out what they've learned! 🙌   The beauty of the Lord is all around us, let's capture it! #smallgroups

Gamechangers 101: our theme today was LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! My goal today was to shoot in different lighting scenarios, indoor, shade and sunlight.  It was great to see them all practicing in manual mode. And this group was awesome 🙌 I love it when they can put their skills to work ❤📷 They all took home a lenspen to clean their lenses while they practice at home.

Today was our 3rd and final group session... so I concluded it with some posing tips and an actual photo shoot for them to do on actual people. A big thank you again and Congratulations to Marina & Isaac for being our models today! You guys did great and made the hour fly by. You're going to be amazing parents!! --- You can view their session {HERE}
#SmallGroup #PhotographyClass

I had a wonderful time teaching this amazing group of photographers!



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