Rachel | Birthday Shoot

Happy Birthday to this beautiful Mama!

Meet my beautiful Mom.  She's a strong warrior in so many ways. Her example and advise throughout my life has made me the person that I am. I can't imagine my life without her in it... and by the grace of God, she's still with us today and will be Cancer Free 2 years on July 24th.  I'll never forget the feeling I felt when the group of Doctor's told me to prepare for the worse. They could only give 60% of the Chemo treatment because of how quickly her organs began failing. It was a group of 6 of them that walked into her room where she laid exhausted and closed the door behind them. They assured me that it didn't look promising and if the Chemo didn't kill her, the Stage 4 Cancer throughout her body in her lymph nodes would. I was devastated! But learned a long time ago that as long as there was still breath, miracles could still happen. And then, 6 months later... GOD performed a miracle of healing her from that cancer. Although she had completed 4 chemo treatments at 60% of the strength...
we got the call from her oncologist that she was CANCER FREE before completing the final 4 chemo treatments!  Thank you Jesus!  I'm thankful for her, and to share this testimony with you all. It wasn't her time yet and every breath of life is a true gift.


Her Birthday Dinner... at Red Robin, was yum!



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