Fall is approaching!

I love seasons... it's not only perfect for Outdoor Family Photos, but also crafts with your little ones!

Since I moved back to Arizona 2 years ago, I won't get the full effect of it as I did in Columbus, Ohio, but I can still do the crafts as if it were. Today's project with my son was a 3D Paper Pumpkin for a centerpiece. Is it too early for pumpkins? Eh, if the stores can play Christmas Music in September and decorate ailes as if winter were here... I think it's a perfect time for Pumpkin Projects!! :)

Here's our first one. It was really easy so I'll list instructions below if you wanted to try it with your little one.


I saw the idea on Baby Center, and it's called 3D Paper Pumpkin

You will need:
Scissors (we used Child Scissors)
4 pieces of Orange construction paper
1 piece of Green construction paper
Glue Stick
pencil (if you desire to trace as directed)

Recommended for ages 3-8, here's the instructions they gave.


Fold a sheet of 8.5 X 11" orange construction paper in half and cut out a half circle. Fold an 8.5" x 11" sheet of orange construction paper in half and cut out a letter C, with the open part of the C facing the fold. Trace and cut out seven Cs. Glue the backs of the Cs together. Continue gluing until all shapes are glued together to form the pumpkin. Cut a small circle and triangle of green paper for the stem. Cut into the circle edge with a scissors to create a jagged look. Roll the triangle tightly and glue to form the stem. Cut an X in the center of the circle. Push the stem through the center of the circle and glue to pumpkin top center.




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