Here's a Glimpse of our Fun Session


This session was such a treat. Not only because "V" was a gorgeous model, but because she is my sister. I was surprised when she agreed for me to do shoot for her, because every other time she has seen me with a camera in hand at an event or just because, she is normally the first to dodge the scene.

And after today's session, I will never understand why she was ever camera shy before because she is absolutely gorgeous and totally perfect to photograph. We had loads of fun today, so I'm looking forward to our next session!

Here's a glimpse into what today entailed.

This horse couldn't have joined us at a more perfect time! Seriously, the timing was perfect! While in the process of shooting, we saw this horse across the farm and had no idea his curiosity would lead him to us in the time we would be here at this particular location. Having to act fast, pose quickly and just shoot before he was too close. This location suddenly became the highlight of our session. Loved it!

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She is such a beautiful model ! great photo's!
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